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Incoming freshmen are eligible to participate in 十大博彩推荐排名州立大学’s 夏季桥梁学者计划 and 获得最多七个学位学分. The 2024 program is scheduled for 6月30日到8月1日.

  1. 住宅7学分课程: Offers three in-person courses with campus housing, meal plan, books, and events included.
  2. 通勤混合动力7学分轨道: Offers three virtual and in-person courses with books and events included.

The registration deadline for the 夏季桥梁学者计划 will close once we reach capacity. Space is limited and after completing the application, applicants will receive a notification to pay the $100 partial payment to secure a space.

What is the 夏季桥梁学者计划?

The 2024 夏季桥梁学者计划 is designed for incoming first year scholars and runs from 6月30日到8月1日.

Summer Bridge is designed to prepare our students for college success and readiness. The program will give students the advantage of becoming acclimated with the 大学, prior to their first semester officially beginning this fall, while earning credits that will count towards their degree.

Students enrolled in the program will:

  • Get a jump start on their college experience by earning up to 7 college degree credits.
  • Gain valuable skills and experiences for success in college and beyond.
  • Participate in workshops and co-curricular programming through a series of topics including health and wellness, 金融知识, and soft skills for college students.
  • Engage with outstanding faculty, staff, and current students
  • Receive cost free books and course materials
  • Get the opportunity to live on campus with housing and meals covered.
  • Meet and get oriented with other new Red Hawks!



The 5-Week 夏季桥梁学者计划 is for incoming, deposited freshmen students for Fall 2024. 请注意:护理专业, Educational Opportunity Fund Scholars, and Health Careers Program students are not eligible for this program.


Register for the 夏季桥梁学者计划 by May 15, 2024:



Can I participate in Summer Bridge if I am an Educational Opportunity Fund, Nursing or Health Careers Program student?
Educational Opportunity Fund and Health Careers Program students have their own summer program that takes place at the same time as Summer Bridge, so it is not possible for EOF and HCP students to participate in Summer Bridge. 护理专业学生, due to the nature of the nursing program and the cohort model, the curriculum is already planned for each semester and does not include a summer session.

I have dual enrollment/AP credits that I am transferring to 十大博彩推荐排名州立. Can I still participate in Summer Bridge?

If I live on campus for the Summer Bridge program can I stay on weekends?
Weekly checkout is mandatory unless you are a non-NJ resident student or have extenuating circumstances and have made arrangements with the housing office.

Dinner is available and free of charge to all in-person participants.

Students will be housed in doubles with a roommate.

Students receive a confirmation email after signing up for the program. Students must complete a list of action items, including submitting vaccination documents no later than June 6. Students will be registered for classes that are carefully selected by their academic dean and advisors, schedules will be available by mid-June.

When will the course offerings be announced for the Summer Bridge Program?
Students will be notified of their official schedule by mid-June. Students will be placed into courses based on their major, these courses will be counted toward graduation credits.

If I participate in the commuter 7 (Hybrid track), does that mean I have to join classes via Zoom or will I just get assigned work to complete?
The online courses will have a mix of synchronous and asynchronous work.

Are the events from 1:30 pm-4:00 pm required?
The afternoon activities – Academic Support, Tutoring, and Workshops are required.
Will I be able to choose which two courses I would like to take over the summer or will they be assigned to me?
Courses will be assigned to each student and students will receive a schedule in mid-June. Students do not select their courses.

Will there be courses offered for students who are accepted into the Honors Program?

Who can I contact with more questions?
Please feel free to contact Summer Sessions by calling 973-655-4352 or emailing