A large blue artwork behind a glass case.

Case Studies 4: Hilliary Gabryel – Side Sleeper

Now On View
Kasser Theater Lobby

In Case Studies 4: Hilliary Gabryel – Side Sleeper, Gabryel explores themes of consumer culture, resale markets, the American Dream, and gender. The artist transforms vacuum-formed headboards and vanity mirrors popularized by Franco Cozzo, an Italian-Australian salesman whose bedroom sets were often given female names. 

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An artwork hangs on a white wall. The work is made up of circuit boards of various colors, including teal, mustard yellow, and plum red. The work has silver hardware and black wires that cross over one another.

Sound Booth – Brian Oakes

On view through May 10, 2024
Outside Entrance to Segal Gallery

Sound Booth is a new series of sound installations outside the entrance to the George Segal Gallery. Brian Oakes will be the first artist in this series, bringing together sculpture, sound, and lighting to create an immersive environment for deep listening.

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